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The Restaurants & Brasseries de Lyon® Bocuse represent teams of man and woman that are enthusiastic and driven by the will to learn and share their knowledge.

You are passionate about cuisine or service? Join us !

Who are we ?
The Restaurants & Brasseries de Lyon® Bocuse is first and foremost the genius Monsieur Paul who decided, 25 years ago, to share with the world his cuisine. He said it very well « To double happiness, you have to share it ».
We are also a big family with several guiding principles: authenticity, quality, excellence, transmission and respect.

Sense of service, enthusiasm, professionalism, client satisfaction and a taste for work well done.
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Within the Restaurants & Brasseries de Lyon® Bocuse, your personality will make a difference.

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    Chef, yes Chef ! You know how to awe the taste buds of the guests. Dynamic, you lead your team with passion and patience. A true leader, you will unite your team, transmit your skills while giving the tempo to the brigade.


    Undeniable partner of the Chef, you assure the proper functioning of the kitchen and supervise the energetic team with the Chef. You are independent, organised and with great gustative taste and a dynamic nature!


    Your double trainer cap allows you to convey your experience with passion. Autonomous, you know how to make decisions and you participate in the development of your team to push it higher and higher.


    You are responsible for a sector of the restaurant that you manage independently. You take the orders, you keep track of the tables and make the connection with the kitchen.


    Adaptable? Motivated? Proactive? Join our crew without further delay for this new adventure. You will contribute to the success of the kitchen and be an integral part of a collective. Professional enrichment guaranteed!


    Skillful with your hands, do you have a sense of good work? You will have as your objective to ensure the maintenance of dishes and kitchen utensils. With a good relationship, you have a sense of service and a real team spirit!


    Your sense of detail and organization allows you to fully flourish in the world of catering. In search of new challenges, you like to work as a team while being independent on your function.


    Super hero of the pastry, you will create and supervise the productions that will come out of your lab every day. Gourmand(e) and perfectionist, you are looking for new sweet experiences that will seduce customers.


    Creator of taste, your curiosity, dexterity and your innate sense of service make you the star of the bar. Organized and reactive, you anticipate each service and make your bar an essential place for our establishments.


    With an innate sense of hospitality, you will welcome customers in your natural good mood. Your mission? Make the passage from customers to restaurants a real experience. Your secret weapon? Your anticipation.


    You are not afraid of being on the field! You have a strong interpersonal sense and your adaptability serves you to successfully manage your team in supervision with the manager. These qualities will allow you to become a real strong link.


    Manager at heart, the service has only to behave! Your good mood and organization are your natural qualities and you enjoy accompanying customers in their choices to make them experience an unforgettable moment.


    You are the "Swiss army knife" of the room and you know how to adapt quickly. Your goal? Customer satisfaction! Your strengths? Your ability to listen, react quickly and your discipline ! Your missions? Serve and please!


    You are the pillar of the service and without you it cannot be of quality. Meticulous, you are efficient and fast! Like a chameleon, you know how to make every effort to welcome customers in a pleasant setting.


    Faithful ambassador of our values and true ray of sunshine, you ensure the care of the customers with attention. With you, customers feel considered and in good hands, especially if they have to wait a few minutes !